Make sure you don’t leave empty handed

If, after inspecting a house during open house or a private inspection you decide you are no longer interested in that property, make sure you at least leave with something of value. That doesn’t mean the flat screen TV but take the details on another deal the agent may have in the area.

If you just walk out, which is what most people actually do, it is a wasted opportunity. You have had some face-to-face time with the agent, which is rarer than it has ever been with the internet now playing a huge role in selling property. You need to ask the agent questions which will help you find the deal you are after

Have you got any other properties you can tell me about?

Have you listed anything in the last 3 days? (it takes about 5 to 7 days from the day an agent lists a property before it gets advertised or hits the net)

Do you have any listings coming up?

Tell them specifically what you are after and ask if they have any of those available

Have you got any old listings that you can’t sell? (these are often cold and now forgotten about).

It is amazing how often you can salvage a poor inspection by coming away with new information and a new deal to explore.

One last tip

If you did like the property you just inspected but there are one or two things that are letting it down or preventing you from making an offer, express those concerns with the agent. It might be something like the price… tell them the price you think it is worth (and if possible provide comparables properties to support your claim) and who knows, they may tell you something interesting like “I agree, but the owner has requested we advertise at this price for a week and see how we go”, or “since placing the ad the owner has become more realistic and your price isn’t too far off the money”.

The main thing is to ensure you never leave an inspection empty handed because if you do you have wasted a very valuable opportunity.


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