My coaching philosophy:

To help others transform themselves, their finances, their relationships and their spirit

I like to work with:
  • Individuals and couples who want to transform their relationship with money through understanding why they do what they do around money, tobecome financially literate and financially empowered
  • Small business owners who want a great business but also want more time for themselves, their families or their friends
  • Professionals who feel dragged down by their practices and who would like more joy and fulfilment
  • Financial planners who want to be more effective in the office and to have more time away from it
  • Anyone who really wants to make permanent changes in their lives and around money
  • Anyone who wants to achieve Personal Freedom and Financial Independence
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My background:

I have studied economics, law, personnel management, psychology and hold a BA degree from the Australian National University with a triple major in human sciences, anthropology and South Asian (Indian) studies. I am a Certified Financial Planner with twenty sixyears’ experience in financial planning and financial coaching. I am a graduate of Coach U and the Graduate School of Coaching. My studies and training helped me understand the power and the limitations associated with paradigms (a way of looking at the world). Once we understand that there are unlimited ways of looking at the world and others, we open up to tremendous freedom in our thinking and actions. Also understanding paradigms increases our tolerance and reduces our prejudice and ability to be manipulated by others. My spiritual practice provides me with great support in all areas of my life. I have owned my own businesses for about forty years in a variety of fields. Along the way I have also lived a self-sufficient lifestyle in the Australian bush and hand built a mud brick house. My businesses are based upon several important principles:

  • Working smarter rather than harder. Michael Gerber says to “work on your business, rather than in your business”
  • To have a great business and a great life outside business
  • This means having well developed, robust and efficient business systems
  • It also means hiring and retaining excellent staff
  • Using technology to make life easier and more effective
  • That it’s more effective to improve something that already works, rather than to reinvent the wheel

All of this allows me to leverage my time using a combination of business systems, staff and technology and a process of continual improvement. This means that I have a life which:

  • Allows me to have a three day work week – one day in the office and two working from home or from my camper van
  • Enables me to have about twelve weeks of holidays each year
  • Gives me the time and flexibility to be with my family
  • Gives me time for meditation, yoga, mountain bike riding, kayaking, sailing, walking and basically enjoying the beautiful natural environment that surrounds me
  • Brings me an above average income
  • Allows me learn, grow and develop
  • Gives me the opportunity to be a financial and small business coach, which benefits my clients as well as being very satisfying and great fun.
Free Introductory Coaching Package

Financial coaching can transform your relationship with money so that you are in control of money, rather than money (or the lack of it) being in control of you. For our free introductory financial coaching package please click here. The package includes:

  • Coaching session – Value $100
  • Budget planner – Value $35
  • Richest Man In Babylon ebook – Value $25
  • Complete Clean Sweep test – Value $30
  • Total value = $190 at no cost or obligation to you
How Much Does Coaching Cost?

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