Financial Freedom from the inside out!

There are three parts to all of our financial coaching programs:

  1. Dealing with the real causes of your money problems, the stuff going on inside you, not just the symptoms
  2. Getting your budget in order
  3. Financial literacy and education

Let’s look at each of these parts in more detail………………..

The internal world

Here we deal with the stuff going on inside us that leads to the way we behave around money. The stuff that sabotages our best intentions, causing us to overspend, get into too much debt and not reach our goals. The causes of these behaviours are often unconscious and once we become aware of them, the behaviours change and change permanently.

The budget

We work on your budget at the same time that we do the internal stuff. Once you know where your money is going, we can then develop strategies that enable you to reduce your debt and start saving towards your goals. By working on your budget and internal stuff simultaneously, real and permanent change takes place.

Financial Literacy

Most people were never taught about money at school or at home, making it very hard for them to make good financial decisions. So here we cover topics including: controlling debt, saving and investment, insurance, taxation and superannuation. With your new financial knowledge you will know the questions to ask and be able to evaluate the answers so that you can confidently make the right financial decisions.

By the end of the program you will understand why you do what you do around money, you will have created a budget that works and you will feel financially empowered. And the changes you make around money will be permanent.

Free Introductory Coaching Package

Financial coaching can transform your relationship with money so that you are in control of money, rather than money (or the lack of it) being in control of you. For our free introductory financial coaching package please click here.

The package includes:

  • Coaching session – Value $100
  • Budget planner – Value $35
  • Richest Man In Babylon ebook – Value $25
  • Complete Clean Sweep test – Value $30
  • Total value = $190 at no cost or obligation to you
How Much Does Coaching Cost?

There are several coaching packages available. Click here for full details