Money for Life – a unique program

Our most popular program, the Money for Life Program is structured in the following way:

Four Questions
  • Where am I in my life? (personal inventory)
  • Where do I want to be? (personal goals)
  • When do I want to get there? (personal timeline)
  • How committed am I to achieving my goals?
Five Processes
  • Clarifying your life goals in these areas: individual, family, community, spiritual and financial
  • Identifying the present strengths and resources that will assist you to reach your goals
  • Overcoming the obstacles that may impede your goals
  • Working on your plan
  • Evaluation of progress
The internal world – building awareness and strengthening your personal foundation
  • Boundaries
  • Requirements
  • Standards
  • Unfinished business
  • Needs
  • Values
  • Reserves
  • Tolerations
The external world – building knowledge and becoming financially empowered
  • Manage cash flow (personal budgeting)
  • Controlling your debt (consolidating loans)
  • Saving & investment (establishing a disciplined program)
  • Managing risk (ensuring that you have appropriate insurances and legal structures in place)
  • Estate planning (making sure that your wills and powers of attorney are up to date and appropriate )
  • Superannuation (types of funds, contributions, access, superannuation pensions)
  • Taxation (ensuring that you have efficient and appropriate tax structures in place)
Nine Steps
  • You must be committed to the process
  • Clarification and understanding of your needs, objectives, resources, obstacles and goals (from Four Questions)
  • Setting your specific goals
  • Creating your personal action plan
  • Implementing the Seven Pillars
  • Strengthening your resources
  • Working with and overcoming obstacles
  • Building your knowledge and skills
  • Getting and staying on track with coaching
Free Introductory Coaching Package

Financial coaching can transform your relationship with money so that you are in control of money, rather than money (or the lack of it) being in control of you. For our free introductory financial coaching package please click here.

The package includes:

  • Coaching session – Value $100
  • Budget planner – Value $35
  • Richest Man In Babylon ebook – Value $25
  • Complete Clean Sweep test – Value $30
  • Total value = $190 at no cost or obligation to you
How Much Does Coaching Cost?

There are several coaching packages available. Click here for full details