What is Personal Freedom?

Virtually every person who engages me as their coach wants more, sometimes much more, and they know that they must make certain changes in their personal and professional lives in order to get more of what they really want. These changes take time, coaching and effort. I focus on the process of strengthening your Personal Freedom as a way to accelerate and attract more easily your goals. The Personal Freedom process involves deliberately investing in yourself, usually far more than you have done before or think you need, deserve or should. I’ll ask you to become very, very selfish (not egotistical, ego-centered, consuming or needy; rather to put you first).

How? By engaging in conversations and putting into place the following pillars of strong Personal Freedom: extending your boundaries and raising your standards, learning how to share your requirements with others, finishing what is unfinished, getting your personal needs met, orienting around your values, building extensive reserves in all areas, minimizing your tolerations, handling your money – completely, and learning to define success on your own terms.

This is not a small order – but then again, neither is your life and bridging the gaps to allow you to create the life you want.

In order to create the life and experiences you desire, it is essential to have a strong Personal Freedom. Without this Freedom, you will always be struggling againstsomething. With it, you are at liberty to pursue what you want!

As your coach I’ll weave these elements of the Personal Freedom Program in with the goals, concerns and reasons that you came to me with in the first place.

Accomplish More, More Easily

You will accomplish more, more easily if you take the time to develop your Personal Freedom first.

Who doesn’t want to accomplish more in life? Don’t most of us want more time? More money? More love? More satisfaction? Yet, isn’t our tendency to go for it rather than simply having it all come to us? The Personal Freedom Program includes 10 distinct pillars or frameworks which, when linked together, provide a solid yet personalized base and structure on which to build your life. And, in a world which sometimes appears to be built on quicksand or constantly changing circumstances, we all need a Personal Freedom on which to depend.

The program

This program is organized into 10 distinct modules. Each module:

  • Focuses you on an area of your Personal Freedom.
  • Educates you on this area.
  • Helps you to identify the actions, changes and shifts to make.
  • Points you to the next lesson

Each Module has several parts: definition, general truths, key points, how to do it, and mistakes to avoid. As you complete the modules, reward yourself for your progress, and ask yourself what else it relates to in your life. Making these connections between what you learn or know and how it relates to your life is an essential part of building your Personal Freedom.

The 10 pillars of your Personal Freedom are:
  1. Extend your boundaries in order to maximize your capacity.
  2. Share your requirements so others and your environment will be able to respond appropriately.</>
  3. Raise your standards to bring out your best.
  4. Finishwhat is unfinished so that the past is completed and nothing is hanging on.
  5. Get your personal needs met so that you are free to be fully with other people and ideas.
  6. Orient around your values to create a sustainable base for goal-setting.
  7. Build reserves in all areas in order to expand your capacities and minimize limits.
  8. Minimize tolerations in order to absence drains.
  9. Handle your money completely. That’s it!
  10. Define success on your terms so that your benchmarks and accomplishments make sense to you and are easy to recognize.
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