Four programs to change your life:
  • Money for Life
  • Financial Integrity
  • Understanding Money
  • Personal Freedom

These are intensive, fee based coaching and mentoring programs designed to assist you in identifying personal and financial goals. Once your goals are clear, I then work with you so that they can be achieved as quickly as possible. Under these programs I work with you on a regular basis for between three and eight months, depending upon your requirements and the program selected.

It is important to realise that these programs do not provide investment or financial planning advice, rather they are personal financial empowerment and education programs designed to help you to overcome obstacles, and build your knowledge, understanding and confidence around money and personal finance.

“If the daily grind were making us happy, the irritations and inconveniences would be a small price to pay. If we could believe that our jobs were actually making the world a better place, we would sacrifice sleep and social lives without feeling deprived. If the extra toys we buy with our toil were providing anything more than momentary pleasure and a chance to one-up others, we’d spend those hours on the job gladly. But it is becoming increasingly clear that, beyond a minimum of comfort, money is not buying us the happiness we seek.”

- Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin, “Your Money or Your Life”

Free Introductory Coaching Package

Financial coaching can transform your relationship with money so that you are in control of money, rather than money (or the lack of it) being in control of you. For our free introductory financial coaching package please click here.

The package includes:

  • Coaching session – Value $100
  • Budget planner – Value $35
  • Richest Man In Babylon ebook – Value $25
  • Complete Clean Sweep test – Value $30
  • Total value = $190 at no cost or obligation to you
How Much Does Coaching Cost?

There are several coaching packages available. Click here for full details