“Thanks to Peter’s coaching, we have learned to distil the difference between money and wealth and have discovered that feeling prosperous has more to do with good planning and state of mind, than what the bank balance says.” More

“Peter has been an outstanding coach. He held me accountable and got results – which gave me success and ultimately a deeper sense of peace.” More

“We both feel for the first time in our lives and as a result of your coaching, that we are now in control not just of our personal finances but also of many other aspects of our lives such as the way we use time.” More

“I thought I had my life and finances in reasonable order before I commenced the Money for Life program but as it turns out there were countless ways to improve my life, well-being and financial fitness that I was missing out on.” More

“Peter has a brilliant way of getting you to think for yourself by asking a series of questions that got me looking at all aspects of the business and lifestyle my family and I wished to pursue.” More

“In the past we had prepared budgets and worked to financial plans but had never been able to stick at them long enough without getting gazumped by some huge matter of financial urgency.” More