Joy and Peter

Thanks to Peter’s coaching, we have learned to distil the difference between money and wealth and have discovered that feeling prosperous has more to do with good planning and state of mind, than what the bank balance says.
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter through the program and have gained many valuable insights about ourselves and our life journey.
Thank you Peter.

Lisa Stewart

Peter has been an outstanding coach.  He is an extremely good listener and shows flexibility in his style to always ‘be in the moment’ – whatever is required at the time. The journey has had highs and lows and he has helped me break through various barriers that were holding me back financially, personally and professionally. He held me accountable and got results – which gave me success and ultimately a deeper sense of peace.  This is not the end – I will always consider Peter to be ‘my coach’ and will not hesitate to call on him when clarity and insight is required.

Lisa and Scott

Dear Peter
Just had to let you know that Scott really felt a great sense of accomplishment after our session yesterday. I haven’t seen him feel positive about organising finances before. He is really on board and maybe he will continue to feel motivated and he is really encouraged by your advice and feedback. He said “Peter keeps me on track’

You have really been a positive force in our life and I can’t thank you enough for all your consideration and encouragement. You are what I term an earth angel.



I have been receiving coaching from Peter now over a period of twelve months, I’ve found it to be of great value to me personally and professionally. I first went along to Peter wanting some direction and advice with a new business venture that I was very unsure about getting involved with.

I found the whole idea of setting up a business overwhelming and I took my business idea to Peter. He helped me look at all the options and figures including the risks involved.

Peter has a brilliant way of getting you to think for yourself by asking a series of questions that got me looking at all aspects of the business and lifestyle my family and I wished to pursue.

I found that trying to think of all the aspects of setting up a business and keeping some balance with being with my family very difficult, this is where I found Peter’s coaching of great benefit to me. He presented me with a list that gave me a look at all areas of my life and what my priorities were, to my surprise, my priorities were all over the place, work just seemed to take over. I started talking to Peter about my goals and objectives and his questions helped me see a much clearer picture.

I took that risk as mentioned earlier, Peter’s coaching techniques have given me a clearer view of where we wish to go with our life as a family and the direction and steps we need to take to make our business work for us. Our business has grown rapidly and is getting stronger and stronger and amazingly all seems to be quite manageable.

Being a bit of a procrastinator myself I have found coaching on a regular basis to be very supportive, motivating, giving me a clearer undertaking of the steps to take to achieve the best results with somebalance. It has kept me focused, proactive and accountable, I have found that I always have ideas, though not the support and direction to make them happen.

I personally find Peter’s coaching is extremely important to giving me the clear direction and motivation to enjoying a happy lifestyle. My business is now well on its way.

Kevin McDonald

Jo Thomas

Peter Rodgers has been my Personal, Business & Financial Coach for 18 wonderful months. I have received sound, practical business, marketing, financial & time management support from Peter, an obviously successful business owner himself. On a professional level he has been responsible for supporting me to move from a place of debt when I started coaching with him, to this quarter I am showing my first business profit & I now have no personal debt.

What I value very highly in Peter as my coach, is the person he is. Peter brings his warmth, kindness, integrity, patience, sense of humour & spiritual wisdom to the calls. Every week I feel I have support for my issues, problems, efforts, thoughts & goals both in my business & personal life – and often the ideas I leave the call with would not have occurred to me without Peter’s coaching.

I would highly recommend Peter as a very professional, generous and wonderful personal & business coach. I also consider him a special friend. Aside from the above I have learned heaps of great ideas, developed new helpful habits and more importantly for me…found more peace & contentment.

Thank you so much Peter.
Joanna Thomas

Tracy and Paul

Dear Peter
We felt it time to put in writing our appreciation for your great assistance with your personal and financial coaching.

We both feel for the first time in our lives and as a result of your coaching, that we are now in control not just of our personal finances but also of many other aspects of our lives such as the way we use time.

Like many other Australian families, we were always struggling financially despite earning quite good incomes. Indeed over the previous 8 to 10 years our household income had gone from barely $30,000 per year to over $100,000 but within a few days of pay day, we were broke again until the next one. Holidays, such as they were, always seemed to just max out the credit card so we couldn’t ever do much for the kids until we got the credit card paid off.

In the past we had prepared budgets and worked to financial plans but had never been able to stick at them long enough without getting gazumped by some huge matter of financial urgency.

What has changed is that as a consequence of our work with you, we have assessed our values, set goals accordingly and monitored progress. We have gone from a situation where we were barely able to save $100 a fortnight to having completely paid off all our debts except for our mortgage (into which we have also made substantial inroads), established sufficient savings to provide a reasonable financial reserve and feel we are in charge of our finances and our lives, probably for the first time ever.

Instead of working for money, we feel it is working for us. Indeed it has given us the flexibility for Paul to be able to quit a well-paying but unsatisfying job without having another to go straight to. This would have been unimaginable just a short year or so ago.

Jo Darby

I initially started working with Peter to experience “Coaching” first hand: to determine if coaching skills would assist me in further developing my consulting skills and to decide if formal coaching training was a path I wished to embark on. With these goals in mind I enrolled in the Personal Freedom program, unaware at the time of the rich journey that lay ahead.

With Peter as my coach and mentor, I have discovered the unique empowerment of coaching. Over the past 12 months whilst working with Peter, I have reconnected with my true self, I am really clear about where I am heading, what is important, and what I am prepared to invest my time and energy in, I now have the space and confidence to be me. This empowering personal freedom journey has enabled me to better manage negative relationships, eliminate all those things that were distracting my focus, draining my energy and clouding my perspective.

When I started working with Peter my focus was very much business orientated and twelve months on as I transit my business from consulting to coaching, enter into my final two months of coach training, move to a new office, and start building my coaching practice I am amazed at our quickly this small “coaching” seed has started to grow into an amazing “coaching business”. But more importantly it is has become a rich and fulfilling personal experience, which has helped me to reconnect with what is important to me and to have the courage protect what is most important.

Peter is a great listener, who asks powerful questions, and empowers me to look within and trust in myself. I am forever thankful to Peter for sharing his experience and knowledge and for his compassion and friendship.


Dear Peter,
I thought I had my life and finances in reasonable order before I commenced the Money for Life program but as it turns out there were countless ways to improve my life, well-being and financial fitness that I was missing out on.

Increased vitality, energy and direction was just the beginning and continued throughout the program and beyond.

I appreciate how your course did not focus solely on financial matters but rather took a holistic approach including family, relationships, health and community. This allowed for a greater insight and understanding of myself for which I re-assessed my approach to life itself.

Undertaking the program has also allowed me to instil its content early in my life and for that I feel there is now nothing holding me back and am certainly on the right track to obtaining financial freedom and true happiness.

Without the program, it would’ve taken me significantly longer to get where I am today so there is no doubt in my mind it has tremendous value and purpose and would highly recommend to anyone with a desire to create an extraordinary life for themselves.

Thank you again for your thought provoking and powerful questions, kindness, knowledge and support.

Luke Mansell


“Peter is an excellent coach who helped enormously in a time of great need. Peter displayed outstanding listening skills, has a very clear understanding of how life works, and ultimately, created an environment whereby I could see things clearly again after a long time in confusion. He understood my predicament, helped me to relax and consider, and allowed me to bounce ideas until it became crystal clear in which direction I needed to go. Peter was a key in helping me to release from a scenario that was binding me tightly. He helped kick start the process of getting my life and career back on track. Thank you Peter!!”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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